Options Education

Why the World Is an Option Seller’s Oyster Right Now

Writing covered put options offers you a way to make gains when the market as a whole isn't returning any.

The Secret to Making Your Biggest Earnings Season Gains

Learn how to gain 100% per year on your money every year during 30 stress-free days on the calendar.

Look to the Dollar for Market Direction

This is one very clear trend that, if we follow it closely, can lead to great profits and much more clarity.

Protect a Losing Short Position with a Collar

Cut your losses and your exposure to further upside moves in a shorted stock with the collar strategy.

The Right Way to Buy Rising Stocks

Don't let the fear of being late to the party keep you on the sidelines. Here's a win-win strategy for buying stocks that are on the rise.

A Volatility View of Netflix Earnings

While NFLX volatility was elevated heading into earnings, it wasn’t high enough – not even close -- to predict the stock's steep descent.

Why it Pays to Enter an Option in 2 Trades

You can hedge against being too early on an options trade by cutting your allotment in half and making two trades instead of one.

How to Lock In Part of Your Call-Option Profit

Here's a way to book part of a successful trade but stay in for more upside.

How to Defend Your Options Profit

Here's a strategy to avoid giving away too much profit.

Learn to Embrace Volatility’s Tipping Point

A surge in implied volatility can offset the risk of selling puts against a stock's downtrend.

Tap Into Sky-High Option Premiums

Option premiums are at levels not seen in a year, and as a result, selling options in today’s market is an excellent strategy.

Covered Calls: A High-Volatility Crutch?

This options strategy isn't automatically the best in fearful markets.

Options Volatility Not Leaving Anytime Soon

It's clear that investor fear won't subside quickly.

4 Must Knows About Option Volatility

Option traders must learn and study the role that volatility has in the pricing of options.

What a Tool – Option Volatility Charts

Options traders use volatility charts to help determine the value of an option premium.

3 Advantages of Spread Trading

Options spread trades are less risky than a straight call or put purchase

Use Options to Generate Income

Selling covered calls and put options are bullish strategies that generate income.

Selling Puts vs. Covered Calls – Which Is Better?

Many investors are surprised to learn that the benefits of covered calls can be had without increasing risk by selling short or naked puts.

Covered Calls: 5 Things You Need to Know About Covered Calls

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when selling covered calls, including ways to keep your commission and transaction costs down.

Options Strategies: Long Straddle

Options Industry Council Strategy Briefs