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Europe Stocks

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Sept. 19 Launch for 32GB, 64GB iPhone 6 Models

Apple will release the iPhone 6 on Sept. 19; Bono says Apple doesn't promote (RED) enough; and European Commission to rule on Beats merger. More 

4 U.S. Stocks Getting Boosted by the Eurozone Stimulus

The ECB is opening the floodgate of eurozone stimulus, which will boost income stocks globally. Here are four U.S. stocks that will benefit. More 

INTC: Intel Loses Long-Fought Battle Against $1.4B EU Fine

Europe's General Court upheld a $1.4 billion antitrust fine issued by the EC against Intel. INTC can appeal the ruling, but hasn't said if it will do so. More 

The ECB Meeting: Expect the Unexpected

The ECB meeting on Thursday promises to deliver surprises for investors in European stocks. Might Mario Draghi have a quantitative easing package in mind? More 

GOOG: 5 Things to Know About the Google ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Form

Google has launched an online form for Europeans who wish to remove search result links to personal data. More 

NFLX: Netflix Plans to Expand to France, Germany and More

Netflix says it will launch its streaming service in six European markets, including France and Germany, this year. NFLX stock rose on the news. More 

Swiss Voters Reject $25 Hourly Minimum Wage

Over the weekend, voters in Switzerland defeated a proposal that would have imposed the highest minimum wage in the world. More 

Google Must Comply With ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Ruling

A European court says that Google must evaluate individual requests to delete links to personal information in a "right to be forgotten" ruling. More 

You’d Be a Total Idiot to Pass Up TOT Stock

Higher production and dividends await investors in French energy major Total. And somehow, TOT stock is trading at a cheaper value than its rivals. More 

2 Energy Stocks Cracking Into Britain’s Fracking Frenzy

As Europe tries to wean itself off Russian energy dependence, opportunities in energy stocks are arising from the U.K.'s growing relationship with fracking. More