Navellier's Super Stocks

Ten years ago, while I was fine-tuning our long-term growth stock strategies, an accident occurred — something I never expected to happen in a million years. Thanks to this accident, my team and I found one of the most powerful ways to make giant short-term stock market profits ever discovered. Read my four-part series to discover the secret to triple- and even quadruple-digit gains.

My Secret to Finding High-Growth Stocks for Short-Term Profits

Ten years ago, an accident led Louis Navellier to discover one of the most powerful strategies for short-term gains on high-growth stocks. Here's the story of my accident … and how you can use it to turn the stock market into a tremendous source of side income.

6 Elite Breakout Stocks and How You Can Spot Mega Moves

Truly elite growth stocks often experience short-term extremes in share price appreciation. And we've found a way to buy these elite breakout stocks before they enter these phenomenally profitable runs!

5 Market-Beating Stocks for Low-Risk Investors

Much how scientists monitor pressure building in hot springs, my system can discover market-beating stocks before their explosive "geyser-like" surge. A high-growth stock in "geyser" phase can double your money in six months, putting you in wealth creation's express lane.

Sell ‘Super Stocks’ When You See THIS

Every good short-term investment has a buy and a sell signal. We know just how tough it can be to let go of one of your super stocks, but this signal is vital to locking in massive short-term profits.