Consider this AV Truck Startup to Play the Self-Driving Revolution


When we talk about self-driving cars, most people immediately dream of hopping in their car, sitting back and relaxing while that car drives them to work, or the mall, or the gym, or anywhere.

But here’s the thing…

While such a future will materialize soon, you will very likely see self-driving trucks on the roads long before you see self-driving passenger cars.


Because trucks are easier to automate.

Just think about the number of driving permutations a cross-country truck driver faces on a daily basis, versus your average commuter.

The truck driver is driving on largely predetermined routes, which are usually big, wide homogenous highways that often don’t have much traffic, and very rarely is side tracked by construction or accidents.

The commuter, meanwhile, changes his or her route frequently depending on traffic flows, most usually drives on a combination of wide highways and narrow city streets, and is fairly often sidetracked by construction and/or accidents.

In other words, the commuter faces far more potential driving permutations on a daily basis than a truck driver.

In the automation world, the more permutations a machine has to account for, the harder it is to get that machine to automate a certain task – and that’s why self-driving technology will be ubiquitously adopted in trucking before it is ubiquitously adopted among passenger cars.

So… if you’re looking to play the self-driving revolution but don’t want to wait years for big returns to show up… then you should be taking a good, hard look at autonomous trucking companies.

The leaders in that field could be selling millions of automated semitrucks by the mid-2020s – and their businesses could soon be worth tens of billions of dollars.

Today, we will tell you about what we believe is one of the top autonomous trucking companies in the world right now. This company has industry-leading AI technology, has packaged that technology into a compelling suite of self-driving solutions, and has received enough funding and support to execute on its vision of redefining long-haul freight with those self-driving solutions. If all goes right, this stock will be a huge winner over the next five years.

The Autonomous Trucking Startup with All the Right Ingredients

The self-driving car market is very crowded. Same story in the self-driving truck market. You have dozens of players, all of whom are hoping to crack the autonomy code and turn into the next big thing in the $4 TRILLION global truck freight market.

But the reality is that, when all is said and done, only a handful will strike gold in the self-driving revolution…

One of the winners in this trillion-dollar-race will likely be TuSimple (NASDAQ:TSP).

TuSimple is a San Diego-based autonomous trucking startup that is developing a fully-integrated software and hardware solution to enable L4+ autonomy in long-haul semitrucks. Specifically, the company is partnering with auto OEMs Navistar and TRATON to create a new generation of completely self-driving trucks that are powered by TuSimple’s proprietary software system and world-class hardware stack.

This company is our pick to win the self-driving trucking race.

Why? Because TuSimple has all the right ingredients…

TuSimple is beaming with talent, has a breakthrough technology, has figured out a way to commercialize that breakthrough technology through a novel business model, is supported by the biggest players in trucking, and is replete with cash.

All management needs to do is execute – and TuSimple will turn into a $100 BILLION company one day.

Here’s the story.

TuSimple was founded by a Caltech PhD in Computation and Neural Systems. As a Caltech grad myself, I can tell you that this guy is the stuff of legend at Caltech – and is revered among the global scientific community as an expert in AI, machine learning, and computer vision.

Over the past five years, he has attracted a team of very talented engineers to tackle the self-driving problem, including a ton of MIT grads and a bunch of former Uber and Waymo engineers.

According to one of my sources in the AV space, TuSimple has amassed one of the most talented teams in the industry today.

This confluence of talent has managed to create a proprietary automation software for perception, planning, control, machine learning infrastructure, and mapping. This software platform has enabled multiple performance breakthroughs, including unprecedented 1,000-meter perception range (even in low light conditions).

Importantly, this tech is protected by 240 patents.

Of equal importance, TuSimple has figured out how to commercialize this breakthrough tech. More than just integrating the tech into semitrucks, TuSimple is creating its very own end-to-end autonomous trucking ecosystem called the Autonomous Freight Network, or AFN.

As a part of the AFN, TuSimple will not just create and sell self-driving trucks, but also establish a network infrastructure of terminals and routes for these self-driving trucks to drive on. Remember, the less permutations, the easier to automate – so, TuSimple is essentially trying to make as controlled of a trucking environment as possible to reduce the number of permutations and ensure that its truck can be more effective than the competition.

It’s genius.

Of course, there are execution risks to TuSimple building these trucks and fleshing out the AFN.

But such risks are reduced by the company’s backers and balance sheet.

Post-IPO, there’s about $1.5 BILLION in cash sitting on the balance sheet, and everyone from Volkswagen, to Goodyear, to Union Pacific, to U.S. Xpress, to Kroger has invested in this company.

With all those backers and all those resources, TuSimple has what it takes to turn its promising technology and novel business concept, into a booming self-driving empire worth a ton one day.

This growth process starts now. Literally, right now. TuSimple just had its IPO this month.

So… if you want to get in on the ground-floor of the most promising self-driving truck startup in the world… you should consider buying TuSimple stock today.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. 

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