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This Small Company is Pioneering a Breakthrough Technology That Could Change How We Make Electronics


One of the keys to unlocking generational wealth in the stock market is identifying investment megatrends before they emerge.

That’s why we are bullish on the 3D printed electronics space right now.

There is a lot of hype on Wall Street with respect to 3D printers being applied to parts prototyping and the manufacturing of highly complex functional parts. But not many folks are talking about how 3D printing could revolutionize the electronics industry…

This lack of hype (and awareness) surrounding 3D printed electronics is your opportunity.

Because, make no mistake, 3D printing has enormous potential to fundamentally reshape how the world makes electronics over the next few years, starting with how we make printed circuit boards (PCBs).

PCBs are those little green “boards” with patterns, boxes, and wires that you find in basically any electronics device in the world. Those little boards contain multi-layer electronic circuits which give power to electronic devices.

PCBs are, for all intents and purposes, the building blocks of the electronics world. If we want our electronic devices to work, we need PCBs to power them – and the more complex our electronic devices get, the more complex we need to make their PCBs.

That’s a problem, only because the conventional PCB manufacturing process is already very complex, very expensive, very slow, and very antiquated.

Consumer electronics makers often have to outsource production of the PCB, pay a big minimum order for those PCBs, and wait days or weeks for those PCBs to come back. Not to mention, in outsourcing PCB production, these companies are sharing their IP with third-parties and are constrained by the production capabilities of the PCB maker.

It’s an awful process. And, as PCBs get more complex, this PCB manufacturing process will only get more cumbersome.

3D printing offers a solution for this awful process…

In theory, 3D printing can be used to rapidly and cost-effectively “print” PCBs in just hours, on your own timetable, at your own budget, and without sharing any IP or being limited by anyone else’s production capacity.

It’s a dream solution that, theoretically, could dramatically improve the world’s PCB manufacturing process.

The problem, though, is that 3D printing PCBs is a highly-complex engineering problem that no one has figured out.

Until now

Today, we will tell you all about a small, 3D printing startup that has engineered a proprietary breakthrough technology to cost-effectively and rapidly produce usable PCBs. It’s the first such technology in the world – and if this company can scale this world-changing technology, its stock price will absolutely soar over the next few years.

3D Printed Electronics: The Next Big Industry

The 3D printed electronics industry has one unrivaled leader: Nano Dimension (NASDAQ:NNDM).

Nano Dimension is a $1.8 billion additive manufacturing electronics (AME) company that is leading the way when it comes to making 3D printers to print electronic devices, specifically PCBs.

The company’s leadership position is thanks to its flagship proprietary DragonFly LDM 3D printing system, which represents the world’s first and only precision system that produces professional multilayer PCBs.

As stated earlier, PCBs are complex. Very, very complex. They are multilayer circuits with thousands of connections between various components.

Printing these complex PCBs has, for decades, been impossible, mostly because of the difficulty of printing multiple layers of electrically conductive and dielectric materials at a high enough resolution that is suitable for professional electronics.

Nano Dimension has developed a breakthrough technology, however, that is turning the impossible into possible.

The company’s DragonFly LDM system uses proprietary liquid nano-conductive and dielectric inks to simultaneously print both conductive and dielectric layers at the same time, thereby allowing for a full print of a multilayer PCB at high resolution.

Based on our research, this is the first technology in the world that is capable of effectively printing industry-grade, multi-layer PCBs.

That’s a big deal.

It means that all Nano Dimension has to do over the next few years, then, is scale this breakthrough technology into a series of widely usable tools, and the company will fundamentally reshape how the world makes circuit boards – because, in practice, Nano Dimension’s DragonFly system is faster, cheaper, more customizable, and more IP-protected than the legacy PCB manufacturing process.

Admittedly, there are enormous execution risks here. Nano Dimension has only sold 61 systems over the past three years, and is set to do just $5 million in sales this year, mostly because its technology is not ready to be widely commercialized…

But those execution risks are more than offset by the enormous potential upside in Nano Dimension stock.

This is a $1.8 billion company. The PCB market is marching towards $70-plus billion in value. Nano Dimension is sitting on a breakthrough technology that could disrupt that entire market.

Long term, you’re talking a potentially multi-billion-dollar revenue opportunity, the likes of which could easily result in a $10-plus billion valuation…

And that’s why – if you’re bullish on the 3D Printing Revolution – you should consider taking a position in Nano Dimension stock today.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. 

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