The U.N. Just Issued a ‘Code Red’ Warning That Will Send These Stocks Soaring

climate change - The U.N. Just Issued a ‘Code Red’ Warning That Will Send These Stocks Soaring

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The United Nations issued a dire warning on climate change two weeks ago: Humans need to double-down on their fight against climate change, else it’s a fight we will lose.

In a 3,000-page report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the committee concluded that climate change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying, with some trends in place that are now irreversible. If we continue at our current pace, the report argued that billions of people will be put in serious danger thanks to volatile weather conditions, rising sea levels, and natural resource depletion.

It was a “code red” warning that urged immediate and decisive action.

People are listening…

Government figures and scientists from across the world quickly commented on the report, all reiterating the urgency of the matter and emphasizing that change is on the way.

Most notably, Gina McCarthy, the White House National Climate advisor, said on Twitter that the U.N. report “confirms what we already know: climate change is an urgent threat that requires bold action. That’s why we’ve launched a whole-of-government response to the climate crisis.”

That’s more than just talk – The U.S. Senate just passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that includes nearly $100 billion dedicated to boosting clean energy infrastructure.

It’s a baby step. But a much-needed baby step that, with elevated awareness and concern about the fight against climate change due to the U.N. report, will lead to monumental steps over the next decade.

Make no mistake. We will win this battle. Humans have a multi-thousand-year history of trumping crisis after crisis by relying on innovation to develop modern technologies to solve pressing problems.

We will do the same thing here. And it will be a collective effort from all sectors:

The academic sector will continue to research groundbreaking new clean energy technologies; The private sector will continue to commercialize those technologies and make them cost-effective; The public sector will continue to provide funding and subsidies to boost consumer adoption; And the consumer sector will continue to pivot toward clean energy solutions as consumer awareness and urgency continuously rises.

Together, we will win the fight against climate change.

How We Win the Fight Against Climate Change

And, in this case, “winning” means creating a world where we all drive electric vehicles, live in solar-powered homes with energy storage batteries for back-up power on cloudy days, work in offices that draw their power from a combination of solar panels and wind turbines, and have our goods delivered by trucks running on green hydrogen.

There will be recycling plants for all those lithium-ion batteries used in all those electric cars. There will be huge service networks for all those solar panels and energy storage systems. There will be hydrogen power plants for those dire situations when solar and wind power are depleted. There will be carbon capture technologies that will work to re-capture some of the CO2 already sitting in the atmosphere.

The world will collectively create a global ecosystem of clean energy projects and services that will help us beat the fight against climate change.

We are still a long way away from that today… but it’s the inevitable future.

And that’s why we smell a huge investment opportunity here.

The transition from where we are today (~25% renewable energy generation) and where we will be tomorrow (~100% renewable energy generation) implies enormous growth potential for companies creating this “green” future.

We’re talking solar panel providers… EV makers… battery makers… solar panel installers… energy storage system companies… battery recycling firms… hydrogen fuel cell makers… so on and so forth.

Those companies are going to benefit from tidal wave after tidal wave of burgeoning global demand for their products and services over the next decade.

And with each tidal wave, their revenues, profits, and stock prices will soar – setting the stage for what we see as a decade of hypergrowth ahead for clean energy stocks.

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