QuantumScape Stock: It’s Time to Hop on the QS Bandwagon

Some of you are familiar with QuantumScape (NYSE:QS) stock, especially since it’s been the subject of many of my bullish arguments lately. But most importantly, QS is working on a groundbreaking “forever battery technology” that could, quite literally, change the world.

For starters, it will allow us to create electric vehicles that could last for thousands of miles without needing to be recharged. And, while such “forever batteries” have been for years the stuff of science fiction, reports broke this week that German luxury auto brand Porsche may integrate QuantumScape’s batteries into its electric vehicle lineup, including an electric version of its 911 model.

This game-changing news sent QuantumScape stock soaring. And over the past two weeks alone, QuantumScape stock is now up nearly 35%.

We view this as a massive win for QS stock. We’re not just talking about any everyday automaker — we’re talking about Porsche. A company known for high-quality luxury vehicles. Being at the stage QuantumScape is, this is a big deal. It could see the QuantumScape brand becoming the go-to battery company for luxury electric vehicles.

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