Premium Services: Active Trading


NexGen Trader
Matt McCall’s NexGen Trader is geared towards traders who are looking to capitalize on near-term movements as a megatrend climbs higher.

Advisor: Matt McCall
Focus: NexGen Megatrends
Volatility Level: Medium to High
Trading Frequency: 3-4 trades each month
Price: $99 for 13-week trial
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Smart Trader
By focusing on short- and intermediate-term trades — each with its own holding period and identifiers — Charles Payne’s Smart Trader helps subscribers steadily build wealth over a shorter period of time by capitalizing on the near-term movements in the best companies out there.

Advisor: Charles Payne
Focus: Short- & intermediate-term trades targeting 3%-15% gains
Volatility Level: Medium
Trading Frequency: Up to 5 trades each week
Price: $49 for 30-day trial
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