5 Cheap Stocks to Buy During a Market Crash

Dave Gilbert here, Editor of Smart Money.

Coming off the worst month for stocks since the COVID-19 crash in March 2020, we have to face a harsh reality: Another crash could come, and it could come sooner than we think.

The market is struggling right now; that’s no secret.

And while it’s only human to seek shelter in a storm, fleeing out of the market right now could be a costly mistake.

Why? Because some of the biggest profits have been made during market lows. For smart investors, they are a chance to buy quality stocks for pennies on the dollar.

Take the 2008 Financial Crisis, for example. Warren Buffett made $10 billion while most folks lost their shirts.

Of course, Buffett is an anomaly. But as arguably the most successful investor of all time, it certainly pays to consider walking in his legendary footsteps.

That’s why, in your latest Smart Money research report, Eric’s editorial team and I put together a list of five cheap stocks to buy in a market crash.

a report cover for FIve Cheap Stocks to Buy During a Market Crash

Now, don’t let the term “cheap” fool you. That’s a reference to share price, not quality. We evaluated each of these stocks carefully, identifying five truly incredible under-the-radar plays trading at bargain prices.

Go here now to get the full list.


Dave Gilbert,

Editor, Smart Money

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