Made in America: The New Epicenter of Wealth

Made in America: The New Epicenter of Wealth

Hello, Reader.

“Just $20,000? That’s not a lot of money.” That’s 25-year-old me.

I was talking with my dad about prospective investments. He mentioned one particular investment that would have required an initial $20,000 commitment.

He glared back at me and said, “It is if it’s your last $20,000.” I felt like an idiot — and I’ve never forgotten those words.

While he didn’t come out and say it, my father was letting me in on one of the essential truths about investing…

Always keep some cash on hand.

Almost every success story begins with cash. If you don’t have any, you won’t ever achieve investment success. That’s a cold, hard fact.

Yet most investors fail to appreciate the value of cash. “Cash is trash” is a phrase that often circulates when stocks are soaring.

But cash isn’t always trash.

Today, I’m going to tell you about how you can be in the right place at the right time, cash in hand, to claim a stake in a key wealth-generating phenomenon… originating in a pretty surprising place.

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Warren Buffett’s Fortune & Foresight

Cash is essential — both as a buffer against downturns, and as a source of future investment gains.

It is what enables savvy investors to pounce on excellent opportunities and to gobble up the tasty investments that can turn modest investments into millions, if not billions, of dollars. Without cash, every investment opportunity is a nonstarter.

Every legendary story of investment success begins with an individual who had amassed enough cash prior to a financial crisis that they were able to use to buy stocks on the cheap during the crisis.

Warren Buffett was one such investor.

According to the popular narrative, Buffett made his billions by buying great stocks and then hanging on for the ride. But that story isn’t entirely accurate; one of the most brilliant investments Buffett ever made was to sell stocks, not buy them.

Throughout the 1960s, Buffett compiled a spectacular investment record: A $10,000 investment in his partnership in 1957 became $1.7 million by 1969!

With that kind of success, most professional investors would have continued to play the game.

Not Buffett.

In May 1969, Buffett told his shareholders that he had run out of “first-class ideas.”

So Buffett shut down his partnership and returned money to all his investors.

In other words, Buffett raised cash. He managed to book a gain of 6.8% in 1969, even though the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 11.6%.

Then he bided his time.

After closing his fund, Buffett became chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-A), but he didn’t initiate any major new investments until 1974… after the market had tumbled 45% from its 1969 peak.

In a 1974 interview in Forbes magazine, Buffett famously declared, “This is the time to start investing again.” And so he did. He put Berkshire Hathaway’s cash hoard to work — scooping up depressed blue-chip U.S. stocks.

The rest is history.

Buffett would not likely be a billionaire today if he hadn’t raised cash in 1969, while awaiting better opportunities.

Better Opportunities Are on the Horizon

There’s a new epicenter of great wealth taking shape, just like we’ve seen a few key times in American history.

In the past, we’ve seen the 1% flock to – and emerge from – places like Detroit in the great Automotive Age, Pittsburgh during the steel boom, Houston and Dallas during the Texas oil boom, Silicon Valley, Manhattan, and so on.

Due to something called the “Cluster Effect,” these aren’t one-off or short-lived opportunities. They grow and gain momentum, sometimes for decades. And they’ve built some of America’s greatest fortunes. Carnegie. Ford. The Rockefellers. Gates, Ellison, and Brin.

This time, here’s the difference: The new epicenter of wealth and next breeding ground for the 1% will be in a place where our coastal elites least expect. This time, it’s happening in America’s Heartland.

The cause? In broad strokes, all kinds of manufacturing and industry are coming back home. Because we realize we can no longer afford to sacrifice our energy security, our supply chain security, or our independence in exchange for China’s cheaper production market.

If you’re interested in zeroing in on that locale, keep an eye on your inbox.

I’m still working on the final details, but as soon as they’re ready to be released to the masses, you’ll be the first one to know.

So, stay tuned… this next opportunity is coming – and it’s going to blow all others out of the water.


Eric Fry

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