America’s Economic Future Lies Just Beneath This Surface…


America’s Economic Future Lies Just Beneath This Surface…

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As I mentioned earlier this week, a remarkable lithium discovery has been made in a deserted area of Nevada.

It’s the site of an ancient volcano that likely holds the single largest deposit of lithium anywhere on Earth!

This discovery is so important because lithium, as the lightest metal on earth, is very valuable. Since it is the lightest material that can store energy, it has become indispensable for the batteries that power the new digital economy.

We need it for all the devices, gadgets, and sensors in our homes, businesses, and pockets… for large-scale battery farms to capture the power we get from solar and wind farms… and more.

In fact, by 2040, global demand is projected to be 15 times higher than it was in 2020.   

So, this lithium discovery is a very big deal.

Just one company is poised to exploit the deposit… and could be only months away from full scale-production.

Here’s the story…

Exploration Potential

The company is constructing a major lithium mine in Nevada, and the project currently hosts the largest known lithium resource in the U.S. Additionally, it is the only fully permitted project in the U.S.

Construction started last March. Based on the current timeline, this mine will begin initial production in 2026 at an annual rate of 40,000 tonnes – enough to produce batteries for about one million EVs.

At this rate of production, the mine could operate for more than 40 years, without discovering any additional lithium reserves.

But the mine probably contains substantial additional reserves, especially if a recent report is to be believed. This project sits inside the perimeter of the extinct “super volcano” that I’ve talked about – which might contain more than $1 trillion of lithium deposits.

According to a recent report, the super volcano is a vast 616-square-mile expanse on the Nevada-Oregon border, which contains as much as 40 million metric tons of lithium – a quantity worth $1 trillion at today’s depressed lithium prices.

The project site sits directly in the southern end of the entire caldera. Therefore, this study highlights the project’s exploration potential.

Once it begins production later this decade, the lithium mine operation should generate more than $1 billion in gross earnings (EBITDA), then ramp to more than $2 billion by the end of the decade.

These long-range projections are merely estimates, of course. The actual results could be much better than these projections…

How to Benefit from This Discovery

It’s no secret that the lithium deposit discovered just below the surface of the Nevada desert is critical to America’s economic future and its national security.   

Fortune 500 companies are investing hundreds of millions of dollars here, and the U.S. government could invest as much as $1 billion to recover what’s been found.   

Those who understand the importance of this discovery have a tremendous opening to capitalize on soaring demand for a resource that’s absolutely critical for the modern economy, but which is in very short supply here in the U.S.

To get the full story about this discovery – and the company set to benefit from it – click here.


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