The Next Chapter of A.I.-Powered Trading


The Next Chapter of A.I.-Powered Trading

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Editor’s Note: Eric Fry here. Today, I have a special guest column from InvestorPlace analysts John Jagerson and Wade Hansen.

If there is one thing that the A.I. revolution is poised to do, it’s to separate the “doers” from the “sideliners.” Those who act now while this incredibly powerful trend is still in its infancy have the chance to make truly life-changing gains – and that’s why, on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 10:00 a.m., a revolutionary second chapter of an A.I.-powered trading algorithm is being revealed… and by seizing those opportunities, you could see 300%, 493%, even 1,420% gains in less than 30 days. See how it’s done – and how you can reserve your spot here. You will be automatically signed up.

Hello, Reader.

John Jagerson and Wade Hansen here.

Sixteen years ago, we joined InvestorPlace to lead some of their best income-focused trading research services, like Trading Opportunities, Turbo Trader, Strategic Trader, and more.

But last spring, we parted ways and joined our affiliate, TradeSmith

Though we knew we’d be in touch with you again.

Because over the past year, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to lead what could be TradeSmith’s most ambitious initiative: Predictive Alpha

Which utilizes the power of an A.I.-based algorithm (called “An-E,” short for “analytical engine”) that can predict, with astonishing accuracy, where a given stock could move over the next 21 trading days.

An-E has helped us give our readers a chance at gains like…

  • 16.41% in 16 days…
  • 14.76% in just over two weeks…
  • 10.87% in five days…
  • Or 9.32% in 27 days.  

But we’re not here to talk about what An-E has helped us do since April of 2023…

Even though we also gave our readers the chance to bag back-to-back wins of 6.53%, 3.41%, 9.32%, 6.52%, and 9.34% all about one month (all while the S&P 500 barely scraped a 5.76% gain over that same timeframe)…

We’re here to talk about the next chapter of Predictive Alpha.

Bigger, Better, Stronger

Artificial intelligence has long been viewed as the near-untouchable pinnacle of modern technology, but we’ve actually had access to “lower-key” demonstrations of A.I. for the past 20 years.

Think of…

  • Playing “against the computer” on ChessMaster 9000 CD-ROM in the late 1990s and early 2000s…
  • The debut of the self-driving Roomba vacuum in 2002…
  • Apple’s assistant, Siri, which came onto the scene in 2011…
  • Or the A.I.-created artwork and music you’ve seen for the past year on Instagram, TikTok, and more.

But those examples pale in comparison to how A.I. has advanced over the past 12 months– and how it has really transformed the way we do things as consumers… and traders.

A.I. has revolutionized the landscape of trading, steering in a new era of data-driven decision-making with predictive analytics and supercharging the way savvy traders analyze markets and identify trading opportunities.

That’s where Predictive Alpha – and specifically, An-E – come in.

And on Feb. 28 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, the first-ever unveiling of the bigger, better, stronger version of An-E… is going live.

“An-E 2.0,” as we call it, could take those decent gains of a couple percent that we mentioned earlier…

And pump them up to double-, triple-, even quadruple-digit gains – all in that same 30-day timeframe.

So, click here to reserve your spot now – and get access to exclusive content in the days leading up to the event.

We hope to see you there!


John Jagerson and Wade Hansen

Analysts, Predictive Alpha

P.S. During the event, we’ll give away one of An-E’s stock picks… totally for free. Click here to have your name immediately added to the list – you don’t want to miss the next phase of A.I.-powered trading. 

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