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Top Five Tech Stocks for 2022

The rapid evolution of technology is one of the most powerful megatrends to hit the market in our lifetime, so let's examine my Top Five Tech Stocks for 2022 — and beyond. Most of these companies have a hand in the 5G rollout, but one fortifies the roaring travel comeback.

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Eric Fry's report "Five Cheap Stocks To Buy During A Market Crash" surrounded by a black border

Five Cheap Stocks to Buy During a Market Crash

The chaotic conditions in the stock market have been creating a stiff headwind for most stocks… to the point that a market crash is not out of the question. And while investors often see crash as a four-letter word, big market dips allow you to purchase the best stocks out there and to diversify your portfolio — so let's examine five cheap yet solid stocks to buy in a market crash.

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Eric Fry's report, "5 Must-Have 5G Socks"

Five Must-Have 5G Stocks

5G has been hyped for years, and most people are sick of hearing about it. But 5G is set to kick into high gear… and soon. As such, it will start to reward savvy investors – big time. Those who understand that 5G is a much bigger story than faster smartphones could make incredible gains as this story plays out. Let’s take advantage of this massive opportunity with my five must-have 5G picks…

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