23 Airlines Stocks to Buy and Sell – UAUA, LCC, LUV, CEA, ZNH


The airline industry has seen quite a shake-up in recent weeks. First, United Airlines (UAUA) and US Air (LCC) entered airline merger talks … again. Then the eruption of an Iceland volcano crippled the skies over Europe. And by the way, consumer spending is still taking a toll on carriers while all this is going on.

So how can you make sense of this mess in the airline industry? Are there actually any airline stocks to buy right now?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that domestic carriers are still largely bad news with the exception of Southwest (LUV) and United Airlines (UAUA), and the best airline stocks to buy are mostly in emerging markets like China and Latin America. China Eastern Airlines (CEA) and China Southern Airlines (ZNH) are two emerging market airline stocks to buy.

It’s no secret as to why foreign airlines are doing well. Business is booming in emerging markets like China and Brazil, and that means booming business travel both from companies located there and U.S. companies traveling to these regions to get a piece of the pie. Also, consumer spending is stronger in markets like Latin America and Asia even as U.S. air travelers are pinching their pennies.

Here’s a complete sector breakdown of 23 airline stocks to buy and sell:

Symbol Company Name Market Cap (B) Portfolio Grader Grade
AAI AirTran Holdings Inc. $0.8 C – Hold
ALK Alaska Air Group Inc. $1.5 A – Strong Buy
ALGT Allegiant Travel Co. $1.1 D – Sell
AMR AMR Corp. $2.9 D – Sell
CEA China Eastern Airlines Corp. $2.3 B – Buy
ZNH China Southern Airlines Co. $3.8 B – Buy
CAL Continental Airlines Inc. $3.2 C – Hold
CPA Copa Holdings S.A. $2.5 B – Buy
DAL Delta Air Lines Inc. $10.9 C – Hold
XJT ExpressJet Holdings Inc. $0.1 B – Buy
GOL GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes $1.5 A – Strong Buy
GIA Gulfstream International Group $0.0 F – Strong Sell
HA Hawaiian Holdings Inc. $0.4 D – Sell
JBLU JetBlue Airways Corp. $1.9 D – Sell
LFL LAN Airlines S.A. $6.2 A – Strong buy
PNCL Pinnacle Airlines Corp. $0.1 B – Buy
RJET Republic Airways Holdings Inc. $0.2 D – Sell
RYAAY Ryanair Holdings PLC $8.7 D – Sell
SKYW SkyWest Inc. $0.8 D – Sell
LUV Southwest Airlines Co. $9.9 B – Buy
TAM TAM S/A $1.8 B – Buy
UAUA UAL Corp. $3.8 B – Buy
LCC US Airways Group Inc. $1.2 C – Hold


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