Apple Inc. Rumors and AAPL Stock News – ‘Magic Trackpad’ in the Works?

New bluetooth device and iTunes update highlight list


Here’s the Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock news and AAPL rumors for July 20, 2010.  There’s all kind of Apple news today in anticipation of AAPL’s financial report at market close, including reports of the FCC’s approval of a brand new, unnamed Apple Bluetooth device. Also, Apple has software updates for iTunes and iBooks, and there are rumors AAPL will charge iPad users for iOS 4 this fall:

New Unnamed Apple Bluetooth Device Approved By FCC: The FCC’s website was updated this past Monday with a list brand spankin’ new products approved by the commission. Among the new items was an unnamed device from Apple Inc. Referred to as a “Bluetooth Trackpad” by the FCC, the device connects to a MacBook via Bluetooth. According to the listing, the device does not feature Wi-Fi functionality and there is no hint of cellular data wireless radio technology either, so the new device is not the longed-for Verizon iPhone. Additional details about the device are scant. Its model number is A1339, product testing was completed on it in October 2009, and it will be rectangular. There were rumors last year of Apple producing a device called the “Magic Trackpad,” which would be an independent device sporting a multi-touch interface. This just might be it.

Apple Releases Software Updates for iTunes, iBooks: While last week’s software updates for the iPhone 4’s operating system iOS 4 and the iPad’s foundational software were certainly bigger news, this week’s AAPL software updates are notable in and of themselves. iTunes 9.2.1, a free download for all iTunes users, fixes issues with encrypted backups that hit iTunes users after upgrading their mobile devices to iOS 4. It also remedies the slow syncing experienced when connecting AAPL’s mobile devices to home computers, and took care of a few niggling stability and performance problems with the music program. For any users who like to customize their iTunes however, beware: iTunes 9.2.1 disables many older third-party plug-ins. Meanwhile, eReader software iBooks was upgraded to version 1.1.1 for all AAPL mobile products, including the iPod Touch, iPhone 4, and iPad. The new iBooks update features improved PDF reading, audio and video support for many books, and a new ability to look up the definitions of words encountered in any eBook.

Apple Confirms That It Will Not Charge iPad Users for iOS 4: UK outlet reported this morning that, come autumn 2010, AAPL would be charging iPad owners to upgrade their operating system to the new iOS mobile platform.  While Stuff’s source failed to name a specific price point for the upgrade, the website predicted it would be around 5 British pounds, or about $8. AppleInsider, however, has pointed out that this is highly unlikely, citing both the iPad’s licensing agreement and the new iAds mobile advertising platform as evidence. First, as iAds requires iOS 4 support in App Store Software, it’s doubtful that both AAPL and advertisers would want to close off millions of iPad owners from the lucrative new interactive advertisements provided through iAds. Meanwhile, the iPad’s licensing agreement states that while future software upgrades could presumably be charged for, “the next major iPad OS software release” will be free for iPad owners following their purchase of the device. This means that, since every iPad on the market is currently running iPad 3 software, an upgrade to iPad 4 will naturally be free to current owners.

As of this writing, Anthony Agnello did not own a position in any of the stocks named here.

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