InvestorPlace Experts’ Big Winners of 2011 and Top Trades for 2012

A look at some of the smartest-money plays of the year

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InvestorPlace Experts’ Big Winners of 2011 and Top Trades for 2012

Bryan Perry’s Big Winner of 2011

Terra InvestorPlace Experts Big Winners of 2011 and Top Trades for 2012Terra Nitrogen (NYSE:TNH) proved a solid play for Cash Machine high-yield investors in 2011. It’s a high-yielding agriculture stock that delivers a fat dividend and serious upside capital appreciation. We first bought in at $93.19 and shares soared from there, exceeding my $120 target by a long shot. I recommended investors cash out their shares when it traded upwards of $192, and we banked a cool 118% gain, including dividends.

But this story isn’t over yet — far from it. BRIC and frontier economies are seeing the rise of middle classes, and incomes, which is driving a strong demand for quality food products. This is changing the global secular bull market for food and is a key reason why I am hugely positive on the fertilizer market — and TNH — moving forward. I recommended investors to jump back into this money tree in September, and we’ve seen nothing but upside from there. It’s hard to beat a 10.2% dividend yield in a sector that is fast becoming one of 2012’s hottest investment themes.

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