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You probably know this already…but on the very first day of trading, 2011, the S&P 500 index began the year at wherever, and ended the year at exactly that same “wherever.”  For a gain of exactly zero.

With a ton of swerves and curves in the middle.


After the “Lost Decade” (which is the label the decade of 2001-’10 has earned because the market went exactly nowhere during this time), investors are now asking more and more, “How much longer until the stock market shakes off all its funkiness?”

It’s a great question.  But you probably won’t like the answer.

According to a recent Barron’s roundtable of the country’s shrewdest investors, the answer is: at least five to 10 years longer.

In fact, there’s already a new label floating around called the “Terrible 20.”  Yep, you guessed it … that stands for a probable 20 years of time where stocks do a whole lot of sideways nothing-ness!

To sum up what the Barron’s roundtable said last week:

Interest rates hovering at or near zero percent has created tons of liquidity, which is what’s driving the extreme volatilities … and we predict this will be the norm for the next five to 10 years.  It’s driven the small investor away. He doesn’t understand the market and all of its wild moves.  He doesn’t trust Wall Street, which he considers corrupt and dominated by people with inside information.

That’s a pretty grim reality.  And it renders most of the traditional approaches investors have relied on to be frustrating and fruitless. I’m talking about the traditional research into both technical and fundamental analysis.

I don’t have to say any more.  You know it and you feel it.

Trapped in the ‘Terrible 20’?
Here’s How to Turn it Around

Bottom line is – you aren’t going to get a 100% return anytime soon investing in the broader stock market (like the SPDR S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Diamonds!).

So what should you do?  Is there a single-best way to make money, given all this crazy volatility and uncertainty every day?  Something that’s easy and relatively stress-free, that works in spite of the greater market forces at work?

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