Lean ‘n’ Mean: 10 of Wall Street’s Most Efficient Stocks

Apple, Amazon and others get the most out of their workers

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work jobs 185 Lean n Mean: 10 of Wall Street’s Most Efficient StocksIn these lean times, when earnings are set to slump in the current Q3 reporting season and could move even lower when companies report their fourth-quarter results in a few weeks, there’s a premium on efficiency. If you can’t find big revenue growth, the sad reality is that corporations need to protect the bottom line by cutting costs.

As a shareholder, nothing is more maddening than owning a stock of a company wasting money on unneeded staffing or spending money on fruitless projects that don’t bring in anything.

One of the easiest metrics of efficiency is a simple calculation that takes the total revenue in the company and divides it by the number of full-time employees. It’s an imperfect measure, but a helpful at figuring out whether a staff is really pulling their weight.

I focused on 10 different industries and dug into the numbers to identify which companies were the leaders. I largely limited myself to the S&P 500, though I had to throw in a few outliers that just had such staggering numbers they had to be mentioned.

Here are 10 of the most efficient stocks on Wall Street:

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