5 ‘Gotta-Have’ Consumer Stocks

These companies are powered by their widely loved brands

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Mondelez NASDAQ:MDLZMondelez (NASDAQ:MDLZ) is the newly spun-off snack side of Kraft whose products include snacks, including one of America’s favorite cookie brands: Oreos.

The funny thing is Oreos, which were brought out in 1912, actually were a knockoff of Hydrox cookies, which debuted in 1908. But Oreos have won the test of time, holding the title of America’s best-selling cookie for parts of two centuries.

Mondelez is set up to be the “growthier” of the two Kraft halves (as InvestorPlace’s Dan Burrows discusses in more detail here) — that said, Mondelez still pays out 13 cents quarterly, good for a modest 2% yield. Between the potential for capital gains and future dividend growth — and the irresistible temptation of creme and cookies — MDLZ looks like an attractive long-term play.

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