The Market’s 5 Most Disappointing Business Ideas EVER

B2B and other concepts' potential far outstripped their results

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Ariba185 The Market’s 5 Most Disappointing Business Ideas EVERYes, businesses buy products from other businesses. And yes, any middleman that can make buying those goods easier, cheaper and faster deserves a little piece of the action. That’s why names like Ariba (NASDAQ:ARBA), PurchasePro and Commerce One were all the rage back in 1999, when Forrester Research predicted the B2B industry’s revenue would soar from that year’s $131 billion to $1.52 trillion.

It’s an outlook that seems ridiculous idiotic in retrospect, as business-to-business activity hasn’t reached anything close to that figure in any year since then.

It certainly was a “no-brainer” at the time, though.

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