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3 Explosive Gas Stocks to Buy Now

ECA, DVN and SWN should spring to life as nat. gas prices rebound

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Natural gas is a favorite fuel among politicians and businesses because it’s among the cleanest-burning fossil fuels and has been relatively cheap for several years now thanks to oversupply driven by widespread fracking production.

But quietly, natural gas has been firming up. Though still down dramatically from its peak, the energy commodity just hit a two-year high. And the United States Natural Gas Fund (NYSE:UNG) — an exchange-traded product that tracks natural gas futures — has doubled the market with almost 25% gains since Jan. 1 and over 50% gains in the past 12 months.

So is now the time to buy natural gas stocks in hopes of higher prices and higher demand? Maybe. After all, continued economic recovery will ramp up energy demand, and at the same time, producers are increasingly reluctant to feed oversupply after the glut from a few years ago. That will add pricing stability.

And if we see a rollback in the current strength of the dollar, which has been an anchor on commodity prices, it could be time for a big move in gas stocks.

If you like this trade, three explosive gas stocks to check out right now are:

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