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5 Expensive Stocks That Are Flying High But Worth the Premium

Don't go running from these triple-digit price tags

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CashStack185At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you pay for stocks. If you have one share of a $10,000 stock or 10,000 shares of a $1 stock, you have the same skin in the game if the stock goes up 10% — the math works out to $1,000 in profits either way.

But many stock market investors are obsessed with share price, whether it be a desire to buy round lots (that is, blocks of 100 shares) or a desire to buy as many shares as possible just to feel like they have a meaningful stake.

That sometimes keeps them out of some great investments on price alone. Because while you might only be able to buy one or two shares of a given stock, your money will double just the same if the stock goes up 100% — even if you are a “small” investor on a share-number basis.

Yes, it’s harder to balance your portfolio this way since it’s not as easy to adjust your total exposure when you have to think in $500 blocks instead of $35 increments. But don’t let that scare you out of expensive stocks, because there are a host of red-hot investments out there that are worth a look despite their hefty stickers.

Here are five high-fliers with high prices you might want to consider:

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