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AUDIO: 5 Easy Tips for Managing Your Money

These small steps are the perfect place to start, and can add up


It’s easy to tell yourself to save money and to have a big-picture idea of where you want to be financially, but it’s much harder to stay on course when a night on the town, a must-have gadget or the convenience of eating out are there to tempt you.

youngInvestorsB.pngWhile the fact remains that the best way to save more money is to make more money, doing the little things right when it comes to your money can make a big difference.

With that in mind, I like to imagine this audio clip as the InvestorPlace equivalent of the Any Given Sunday “inch by inch” speech, except instead of a football game, it’s your financial future. And instead of  Al Pacino, it’s Jason Kolinsky of Kolinsky Wealth Management.

Life, football, finance: They’re all games of inches. “Add up all those inches,” as Pacino’s character Tony D’Amato said, “and that’s going making the [expletive] difference.”

Maybe Tony D’Amato wouldn’t have “pissed away all his money” if he had followed a few of Kolinsky’s steps, too.

Listen to the full audio clip above, and share your own personal tips below.

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