Failure to Execute: 5 BlackBerry Blunders

BBRY has no one to blame but itself

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Z30 Smartphone

Z30 Failure to Execute: 5 BlackBerry BlundersConsumers want bigger smartphones. Phablets are the hot category, and one of the biggest complaints about Apple is its stubborn insistence on sticking with the 4-inch iPhone display. When BlackBerry announced the new Z30 last week, it seemed like the company had finally managed to react to market forces quickly, putting together a Z10 replacement that was faster, with a monster battery and packing a big, 5-inch display that put BlackBerry size and performance on par with Android flagships — even leapfrogging the iPhone when it came to display size.

But it turns out they cut a corner, and instead of a triumph, BlackBerry left people scratching their heads and reviewers pointing out a glaringly obvious flaw. Yes, the Z30 has a 5-inch display, but the resolution is stuck at a decidedly previous-generation 1280 x 720 resolution for a pixel density of 295 ppi. In comparison, the iPhone 5s display is 326 ppi, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is 441 ppi, Sony’s (SNE) Xperia Z has a 443 ppi display — heck the Z10 had a 356 ppi display, meaning the new BlackBerry flagship smartphone has a display that’s  being inferior to the model it replaces.

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