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5 Odd Jobs You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Not everyone simply sits at a desk from 9 to 5

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Pet Detective

dog185If you’re looking for a good talking point, pet detective is probably your best choice of these odd jobs — all because Ace Ventura made the profession famous, of course.

But seriously, there are folks who investigate and save lost pets, beyond rescuing the Miami Dolphins mascot like Jim Carrey did. The Missing Pet Partnership, for example, has a team of technicians “trained in the science of how, when, and where to search for lost pets,” trained with the same techniques used to solve actual people.

Plus, there are several folks floating around in the Internet, claiming to be America’s top pet detective, including Karin TarQwyn and, my personal favorite, John Keane … who goes by “Sherlock Bones.”

It’s hardly surprising that this is a relatively popular profession when you consider that, beyond the fact that pets wander off and get lost, dog thefts have been marching upward in recent years.

Have no fear, though — Sherlock Bones is sure to save the day.

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