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5 Best Dividend Funds for the Fall

Get diverse and get income via these ETFs and mutual funds

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fund185There’s a lot of trouble on the horizon right now for U.S. stocks, given the broader market volatility amid the debt ceiling debacle and a general pessimism around Q3 earnings, which are likely to show little growth for corporate profits.

The bond market isn’t much better, with fears over the U.S. debt rating and the broader risk of rising interest rates at the Federal Reserve harming the value of longer-duration bonds.

That means this fall is the perfect time to consider dividend stock funds. You can get the income that makes bonds attractive as well as play stocks in a low-risk way.

Of course, no investment is wholly without risk. So that’s why the best option for dividend investors is to focus on mutual funds and ETFs that offer a diverse group of holdings. These dividend funds will then spread your risk around, into different companies and sectors and even different nations.

If you’re looking for some great income investments this fall, here are five dividend funds that should be at the top of your list:

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