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Google vs. Samsung: Clash of the Android Titans

Competition is heating up between the two companies

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Samsung Threatens to Pull an Amazon

SSDC 185One of the consequences of an open OS is the possibility someone will take your work and make it their own. Amazon (AMZN) did that with Android, creating a custom version to run Kindle tablets that’s tied to its own digital offerings instead of Google Play.

Samsung is now pulling a similar move. GigaOM’s coverage of Samsung’s first Developer Conference shows a company offering its own development tools and building its own apps right on top of Google’s Android — which it got for free. Amazon was one thing, but having Android’s default apps supplanted by Samsung versions and seeing developers move to supporting Samsung instead of Android in general makes it tougher for other manufacturers to compete with Samsung — cementing Samsung’s position as the Android smartphone and tablet.

Replacing apps like Maps and YouTube could seriously hurt Google’s mobile ad revenue, and would give Samsung leverage to demand a bigger cut than the 10% share it reportedly receives from Google search ad revenue on its mobile devices.

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