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3 PC Industry Chiefs Who Could Crash

BlackBerry and Microsoft have ditched their CEOs. Who's next?

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Stock to SellThe past few months have seen a thinning of the ranks among consumer tech CEOs, and the heads of PC companies in particular.

The most recent casualty was BlackBerry’s (BBRY) Thorsten Heins, pushed out after less than two years at the helm. A few weeks ago it was Acer CEO J.T. Wang. In August, Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer either packed up or got shoved out — opinions vary on exactly how that played out — but the net result is the same.

With the PC business on the decline, the mobile market thriving and cloud computing becoming more prevalent, the disruption of decades-old business models has left some companies wondering what happened. When attempts to adapt to the new reality (or worse, stubbornly staying the course) fail to show results, the CEOs of these beleaguered firms eventually pay the price.

Here are a three more PC industry CEOs who should be looking over their shoulders.

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