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Best of the Best – The 10 Top CEOs for 2013

InvestorPlace experts weigh in on the top head honchos of the year

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2. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

mark-zuckerberg-facebook-ceo-fbNext up, we have to give a nod to Facebook (FB) founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. That’s because Zuck finally grew up in 2013 — and FB stock showed it.

To state the obvious, Mark Zuckerberg and FB have moved past the IPO that Wall Street viewed as a disaster in March 2012. And while there was a healthy share of investor skepticism surrounding how or whether the social network would be able to monetize its vast user base, the Facebook CEO has been spinning that vast (and mobile) user base into gold.

Yes, Facebook’s focus on becoming a “mobile first” company is not just buzz; it raked in $882 million in mobile ad revenue during the third quarter alone. And by staking a claim in mobile and moving quickly, Mark Zuckerberg & Co. are positioned to ride that growth into 2014.

Add in the fact that FB stock has gained 140% over the past six months, and it’s easy to see why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is so high up on this list.

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