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The 3 Most Exciting Stocks of 2013

In an usually dramatic year for stocks, Herbalife, Tesla and JCPenney stood out

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Tesla Motors (TSLA)

hlf-herbalife-jcp-tslaYTD Performance: +351%
52-Week High: $194.50
52-Week Low: $32.11

Tesla Motors (TSLA) doesn’t just generate excitement from its state-of-the-art electric cars — TSLA stock has been a melodrama in and of itself this year.

In another war between longs and shorts, the longs might have the upper hand for now — but some epic volatility in TSLA stock gave the shorts plenty of wins along the way, especially over the last couple of months.

Among the many headwinds and tailwinds for Tesla stock this year: Consumer Reports called it the best car the magazine has ever driven; a bad review in The New York Times cost Tesla an estimated $100 million in sales; and — most damaging — three Tesla Model S’s caught fire.

In the meantime, Elon Musk is notching or being shortlisted for CEO-of-the-year honors in the financial press, and Tesla Motors isn’t even his first passion. (That would be SpaceX, Musk’s privately held rocket company.)

Through it all, TSLA stock has more than quadrupled for the year-to-date, and yet it’s still limping into the end 2013. Indeed, TSLA stock was up more than 500% for the year-to-date less than two months ago, but then those cars caught fire. TSLA stock has lost more than 20% ever since.

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