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Fitbit Review – With Fitbit Force, Best Fitness Tracker Platform Gets Even Better

The best smartwatch for fitness buffs may be a Fitbit tracker

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Fitbit Review – It’s the Best Fitness Tracker Because of the Fitbit Ecosystem

fitbit-review-best-fitness-trackerI’ve tested a lot of Fitbit gear over the past year — you can read another Fitbit review I wrote for Wired here — but what has always impressed me about any Fitbit tracker or related device is the supporting ecosystem.

When you buy something like the Fitbit Force, you’re getting a high tech piece of wearable gear packed with sensors and offering some great capabilities out of the box. If tracking your daily fitness levels is your goal, the Fitbit Force should serve you well. It’s accurate and shows the information you want.

But Fibit is something like Apple in the sense that once you buy a Fitbit tracker, you gain entry to an entire ecosystem of supporting products and services. Some you pay for — such as the Aria smart scale or additional trackers — but much of it is free. The Fitbit app for your smartphone or tablet combined with online software and the ability of any Fitbit tracker to update information wirelessly means your data can be stored and analyzed for trends. Any Fitbit review shows that the experience goes beyond the individual tracker.

Making things even better, Fitbit makes its APIs available to third-party app developers and they can in turn feed into your Fitbit account. In our house, we have a Fitbit Force and a several other Fitbit trackers, the Fitbit app on our iPhones, a Aria smartscale that identifies each of us and uploads our weight and body fat percentage to the Fitbit account, and a series of iPhone apps that integrate with the Fitbit devices to track calories and plan meals.

If social’s your thing, Fitbit sends you achievements and badges for hitting goals and if you’re really brave, that Aria scale can even broadcast your stats to Facebook (FB).

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