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PS4 Power – Sony PlayStation 4 Next-Gen Game Console Brings Game

Sony avoided its PlayStation 3 mistakes with the PS4

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PS4 Power – Next Generation Power, Graphics

ps4-review-playstation-4-reviewWhen Sony released the PS3 in 2006, it used an exotic cell processor that was very powerful, but difficult to program. With the PS4, Sony is still going for power — in fact it’s becoming increasingly apparent in PlayStation 4 reviews vs. Xbox One reviews by game developers that the PS4 is significantly more powerful than the competition from Microsoft. But this time around it’s sticking with x86 architecture to make things easier.

The PS4 isn’t just about silicon. Sony radically redesigned the Playstation’s DualShock controllers. The DualShock 4 controllers incorporate a capacitative touch pad, a speaker, a “share” button to upload game footage to social media sites like Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) and improved triggers, analog sticks and D-Pad.

Hardcore gamers want to know about graphics and the PS4’s AMD (AMD) graphic processor is a monster with nearly double the number of graphic cores of the Xbox One.

What this translates to onscreen is illustrated in virtually every PS4 review: full 1080p high definition games with high frame rates and incredible shading and lighting detail (where some are only running at 720p on the Xbox One). If visuals are important to you, the PlayStation 4 has the edge.

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