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Can Elon Musk and Tesla Stock Keep It Up in 2014? Our Experts Weigh In

Shares of TSLA have been downright stellar this year

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Tesla Stock Is a No-Brainer Buy

tesla-stock-tslaBy Kyle Woodley
InvestorPlace Deputy Managing Editor

No investment is a sure thing, but buying Tesla Motors (TSLA) was a quick decision for me. TSLA stock is propelled by so many corporate qualities that really hit home for me. For instance, Tesla has a…

Genius leader. This is important, because not all great tech minds are great leaders. Former Groupon (GRPN) CEO Andrew Mason is the poster child for this. Tesla CEO Elon Musk might come across as a little brash in his tweets, but there’s no denying both the genius and the ability to run a business. Musk threw his resources into PayPal, which eventually sold to eBay (EBAY) for $15 billion and became the premiere name in online payments. His SpaceX just brought a satellite into orbit. And concerning Tesla itself, Musk has brought a pure electric vehicle company to an operating profit and enormous stock gains. That’s thanks to a…

Great product. Bicker about the three car fires all you want, but I’m taking Germany’s word for it that Tesla ain’t to blame. Musk has helped create not just a functional electric vehicle, but a sleek, aesthetically pleasing, technologically impressive badass of an electric vehicle. In fact, Tesla’s product is so great that the company has a…

Dedicated fanbase. Now, I will say that “dedicated fanbase” can sometimes be switched out for the term “cult following,” and depending on how small that cult is, that’s not necessarily good for business. But word-of-mouth recommendations for Tesla border on the starry-eyed, as if their owners can’t believe they get to drive such a thing. Among the rich, that counts for something, and will go a long way toward building its…

Currently small numbers. Small numbers are great because they’re easy to improve by large percentages. Tesla is expected to sell 21,500 Model S units this year. Some analysts think the company could push out 100,000 vehicles annually in just three years. Even if Tesla never touches the millions in unit production achieved by Ford (F) and General Motors (GM), who cares? That kind of growth will carry TSLA stock for years.

In short, buy TSLA stock and start worrying when there’s something to worry about.

As of this writing, Jeff Reeves, Jim Woods and Kyle Woodley were long TSLA.

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