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Top Tech Stories to Watch in 2014: All About Apple

2014 could be another huge year for Apple, with bigger iPhone and iWatch

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Apple (AAPL) was one of the biggest tech stories in 2012, hitting $700 as it became the most valuable company in history. It dominated headlines again in 2013 by shedding 44% of its value on concerns that AAPL stock had peaked: Android was taking over the mobile market, innovation seemed dead and the heady days of iPhone and iPad-fueled growth seemed to be over.

Ibest-stocks-etfs-mutual-funds-2013-2014 think Apple is once again going to be the tech story next year. At $562, it has clawed back much of the ground it lost this year — and if all the pieces fall into place next year, AAPL has potential to continue climbing. I think Apple is going to be at the center of nearly all the top tech stories to watch in 2014.

There are also opportunities for missteps too, and if Apple misses any of these in a big way, the recovery of 2013 could be jeopardized. An Apple product failure is unusual enough (in recent years) that even if Apple fails to hit a home run, a stumble is also enough to make it a top tech story.

But in many cases, 2014 is Apple’s to lose. If it makes the right moves, AAPL could have a year that looks like the best of 2012.  Here are the top tech stories to look out for in 2014:

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