3 CEOs Who Don’t Get Nearly Enough Credit

These CEOs perform just as well as a Musk or Mulally, but get none of the credit

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3 CEOs Who Don’t Get Nearly Enough Credit

CEOs like Ford’s (F) Alan Mulally and Tesla’s (TSLA) Elon Musk are household names. Generally respected by investors, they’re in the news a lot getting plenty of credit for the success of their respective car businesses.

Tesla185 3 CEOs Who Dont Get Nearly Enough CreditAnd while the accolades for Mulally and Musk are well deserved, there are other CEOs doing just as good a job receiving far less credit. After all, there have been plenty of business successes outside the automotive industry.

Who are these masked men getting little recognition for their work? Here are my top three most under-appreciated large-cap CEOs.

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