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5 Huge CEO Pay Raises of 2013

Executive compensation continues to march higher across the board, and these head honchos were no exception

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Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman

James Gorman

New Base Pay: $1.5 million
Old Base Pay: $800,000
Percent Increase: 88%

In 2012, Morgan Stanley (MS) CEO James Gorman had a rough year … relatively speaking. He made $6 million in total compensation — a hefty sum to most of us, but $2.5 million less than he brought home in 2011.

Luckily, Gorman had some brighter new to mop up his tears with; namely, that his base salary for 2013 would nearly double, jumping from $800,000 to a solid $1.5 million. As The New York Times pointed out at the time, that’s almost $29,000 per week … and in line with the salaries of other bank CEOs.

Of course, the Morgan Stanley CEO wasn’t the only one handsomely rewarded. Executive compensation was upped in 2013 for the company’s top deputies as well.

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