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5 Tech Stocks That Either Killed It or Crashed at CES 2014

A few big-name tech stocks lost out by not showing up at all

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Tech Stocks That Lost CES 2014 – Apple (AAPL)


Apple (AAPL) doesn’t do the Consumer Electronics Show. Obviously, that hasn’t hurt it in the past. But AAPL is in a market today full of rival tech stocks and far more competitive for its most profitable products.

Already, Apple is losing market share in smartphones and tablets. And by staying away from CES 2014, it let rival Samsung (SSNLF) look like a tablet leader and show off 12-inch prosumer models. It also let PC makers show off their cutting new industrial designs and mobile integration — without having an iMac, MacBook Air or iPad to show Apple does product design better than most.

Apple used to be the alternative choice for PC users and the BYOD movement helped iPhone users convince IT departments to buy MacBooks. But with Dual boot PCs flipping between Windows and Android everywhere at CES 2014, Android is suddenly looking like a threat to the Mac as well as the iPhone and iPad.

There was no Apple TV to show off against the collection of Android-based media streaming devices, either. And AAPL missed the chance to brag about its iBeacon technology being used to power the CES scavenger hunt. If nothing else, an appearance at CES 2014 would provide a boost to the companies using the Consumer Electronics Show to show off Apple accessories. After all, that healthy market of add-ons made specifically for iPhones and iPads is a significant part of the iOS appeal.

In 2007, Apple Computer changed its name to Apple to reflect the fact that it was now a consumer electronics company. I think it’s time that Apple starts joining other big-name tech stocks at the Consumer Electronics Show. Maybe it will if and when it finally releases that Apple television we keep hearing about.

As of this writing, Brad Moon did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

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