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Should I Buy an Android Smartphone? 3 Pros, 3 Cons

Android is the dominant mobile platform, but is it the right smartphone for you?

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Should I Buy an Android Smartphone? Cons: More Malware

Android-smartphone-best-smartphoneThe downside of having an open system is that not everyone plays nice. Legitimate developers and manufacturers can create apps, skins and customizations that make an Android device the ideal device for you.

But cyber criminals have that same level of access. It’s much easier to write a virus for an Android device than an iPhone, and with so many more Android users, the target is much bigger too. Which means an Android device isn’t necessarily the best smartphone from a security standpoint.

Apple’s insistence that you can only install apps on your iOS device through its iTunes App Store offers another level of security. With Android, you can install apps from pretty much anywhere. That makes it a lot easier for criminals to distribute questionable apps on the Android side.

If you’re at all concerned about mobile security or hacking, the iPhone is probably the best smartphone to buy. An Android best-seller like the Galaxy S4 lets you do a lot more without restrictions, but with nearly 100% of mobile malware attacks hitting Android, there’s a price to be paid.

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