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Olympic History: 10 Things the Olympic Games Have Made Popular

Throughout Olympic history, technology has pushed boundaries before hitting the mainstream

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Olympic History – 10 Things the Olympic Games Have Made Popular: Timekeeping

olympic-history-10-things-the-olympic-games-have-made-popularIt’s hard to overstate the importance of accurate timekeeping to the Olympics. So it probably makes sense that throughout history, innovations in timekeeping have been developed at the Olympics before making their way into commercial products.

A good example is the quartz watch movement, one of just 1,278 timing devices Seiko created for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. As the technology was commercialized, it began appearing in wrist watches in the 1970s, went big time in the 1980s (when combined with the new digital watches) and is now the most widely used time-keeping technology in the world.

More recent time-tracking advnacements employed at the Olympics combine high speed cameras, lasers, motion sensors and RFID (radio frequency identification) tags for accuracy to one one-hundredth of a second.

All of these technologies are making their way into consumer products from digital cameras to interactive store displays. But they were all a part of Olympic history, first.

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