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3 CEOs Who Could Run the NFL (for Less)

These CEOs could run the NFL better than Goodell, and without his pricetag

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Fans of the NFL likely took notice of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s $44.2 million pay package in 2012. Say what you will about the job he’s done since taking the helm in September 2006, but that’s a lot of money for someone who runs a sports league — even the world’s most successful one.

NFLExecutive compensation is serious business. Just as shareholders should be concerned about corporate compensation policies, fans should be aware of what goes on behind closed doors at the NFL. After all, doling out $44 million to Goodell each year means higher ticket prices, cable packages, etc. It all trickles down.

In the Times’ article, Professor Rodney Fort, a sports economist at the University of Michigan, is quoted: “We look at the numbers and go crazy, but we need to ask ourselves, ‘How many people are there who can do this job, and what is the going rate?’”

Goodell is by all accounts a smart man. But there are plenty of smart men — and women — running corporations in America. I believe many of them are qualified to do the job, most of whom could and would do it for less.

Here are three CEOs I could see running the NFL and whose combined compensation in 2012 was less than Roger Goodell’s. Sometimes paying less than the going rate isn’t such a bad thing.

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