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Facebook Buys Oculus VR: 3 Reasons FB Wants Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift maker Oculus VR acquired by FB in $2 billion deal

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Oculus VR: A Counter to Those “Facebook Users are Getting Old” Complaints

Video Games Need for SpeedEvery day, we hear warnings that Facebook users are getting old and that young people are abandoning the platform. This can make investors nervous that FB may face a collapse on the same scale as MySpace, where the cool kids leave first and only a few oldsters reluctant to change are left to turn the lights off.

Whether this scenario is likely or not, FB would obviously prefer to be a hub for the younger demographic, too. Hardcore video game players tend to skew young, and the Oculus Rift is highly regarded by gamers and the tech industry in general.

As the owner of Oculus Rift, FB regains some hip cred. Maybe even a method to draw these gamers onto the social media platform. How about automatic posting of high scores or dramatic game video captures to a Facebook account for sharing with the gaming community?

But the problem is, this crowd tends to be suspicious.

The first evidence of backlash to the deal took only hours. The creator of Minecraft — one of the most popular games out there and a title in line for an Oculus Rift version — has pulled the plug, tweeting that “Facebook creeps me out.”

That’s bad news for Oculus VR and for FB stock.

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