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4 Reasons You May Never Get to Retirement

Retirement is gaining on you, so don't make these clear mistakes

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There are all sorts of online calculators for figuring out how much money you will need in retirement and live the same quality life as you do today.

Considering that 67% of all American workers believe they are way behind schedule in the retirement savings department, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, I suggest that you not waste your time plugging in a bunch of random numbers.

How much will you need to retire? Way more than you think. How much to retain your same lifestyle? Probably a lot more than you will have.

In fact, website Statistic Brain reports that more people who start working at age 25 will be dead at age 65 than will have adequate capital stowed away for retirement. To be exact, 29 out of 100 will be goners—may they R.I.P—and just 4 of 100 living fairly comfortably.

The median household income in the U.S. is about $80,000. If you retire at age 65 and live another 20 years, you will need $1 million. If you live 30 years, about $1.3 should do. With life expectancy at age 78.7 and inching higher, never being able to retire or outliving your money are very harsh realities.

Here are a few more reasons you may never be able hang up your working shoes:

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