Best Retirement Investing Strategies

Our financial professionals provide investors who are concerned with their retirement the savviest, most actionable advice to live their best financial life. Whether it’s teaching young investors how to invest in their company’s 401k plan, covering the bond market or ranking Vanguard’s target-date funds, we’ll file it here.

7 Cheap Retirement Stocks to Buy Now for Your Golden Years

Planning for your golden years doesn’t have to command onerous premiums as these cheap retirement stocks to buy now confirm.

3 Beaten-Down Dividend Growers for Income Investors

Some may choose growth stocks during a bear market, but not all of them pay dividends. Play it safe with these beaten-down dividend growers.

3 Master Limited Partnerships to Buy With High Yields

The recovery of the energy sector from the coronavirus pandemic of the past two years is clear. Oil and gas prices have spiked, while demand is back to pre-pandemic territory. This has led to a meaningful improvement for the midstream MLPs.

The 6 Best Dividend Stocks to Buy for Retirement

The best dividend stocks for retirement have consistent and high yields and their dividends are well-covered by earnings.

3 Quality REITs to Buy With Secure Dividends

The appeal of REITs is straightforward: REITs allow anyone the opportunity to profit from real estate properties, without actually having to own property. REITs operate across a number of sectors, including industrial, healthcare, and retail.

7 Seriously Undervalued Retirement Stocks to Buy Now

Undervalued retirement stocks can still be found in today's chaotic environment and are generally conservative and stable investments.

The 7 Best High-Yield Retirement Stocks for Your Nest Egg

Some times you have to break an egg to make an omelet. These are the seven best high-yield retirement stocks to buy for your nest egg.

Ex-Fed Banking Regulator: Cash Holders in for a Big Surprise… Pay Attention to THIS FRIDAY

Wall Street icon Louis Navellier is urging all Americans to get ready for this Friday.

10 Best Dividend Stocks of All Time

Take care in buying dividend stocks, which like General Electric can collapse when they make mistakes, just like other stocks.

3 High Dividend Stocks With Safe Yields Above 5%

While the selling of 2022 has been tough to handle for many investors, for those looking to pick up high-quality dividend stocks, it has presented great opportunities to buy. We like stocks with strong dividend longevity, and we see Verizon, W.P. Carey, and LyondellBasell as having demonstrated this longevity, while also offering yields in excess of 5%.

The 6 Best Retirement Stocks for Investors Over 50

The best retirement stocks for investors over 50 reflect stable income, secured by the company's earnings, and low P/E's.

3 Recession-Proof Dividend Aristocrats With Safe Payouts

These are a group of 65 stocks in the S&P 500 that have raised their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years, among a number of other criteria. Specifically, the following Dividend Aristocrats have market-beating dividend yields, and safe dividend payouts even if a recession occurs.

3 Dow Stocks to Buy for Income

One group of stocks has performed well as a group. The 2022 Dogs of the Dow are up 1.1% year-to-date, far better than the S&P 500 or Nasdaq. However, several of them still have high dividend yields and are at desirable levels for investors seeking income to live off dividends. Here, we discuss three Dow stocks for income.

The 7 Best Retirement Stocks to Buy Now

Current bear market conditions present the perfect opportunity to invest in retirement stocks while they're trading at bargain valuations.

3 Undervalued Dividend Stocks for Long-Term Returns

The S&P 500 recently fell into a bear market, defined as a 20% year-to-date drop, which has ramifications for dividend stocks. The good news for investors is that the stock market decline has created buying opportunities for long-term investors. Valuations have come down, while dividend yields are relatively higher as share prices continue to fall.

7 Growth Stocks to Buy for a Rich Retirement

A market sell-off in 2022 is another opportunity to load up on high-quality assets. Here are growth stocks to buy for a richer retirement.

7 Retirement Stocks to Buy After Age 30

Inflation, interest rate hikes, recessions. There's a lot to worry about right now. But these seven retirement stocks can overcome these obstacles.

3 Mega-Cap Stocks for Recession-Proof Dividends

Since they are larger and generally more stable businesses, mega-cap stocks could outperform small-caps or mid-caps in a bear market. As a result, investors looking for quality stocks with reliable dividends in a recession should consider the following 3 mega-cap stocks.

3 Blue-Chip Stocks With Reliable Dividends During Recessions

Finding high-quality dividend stocks is always the best strategy for building wealth long-term, in our view, but that’s especially true during tough economic times, such as recessions. We like the blue chips as a place to start screening for high-quality names, and we’ve highlighted three we like very much.

3 Top Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy for Safety

Investors needing income on a more regular basis should consider owning securities that pay dividends monthly. With less than 50 names that do so, the pickings can be slim. However, we believe there are high-quality companies that have competitive advantageous that should allow for continued dividend growth. Realty Income, SL Green Realty and STAG Industrial are three such examples of REITs that we believe will continue to pay monthly dividends given the strength of their respective business model.