Best Retirement Investing Strategies

Our financial professionals provide investors who are concerned with their retirement the savviest, most actionable advice to live their best financial life. Whether it’s teaching young investors how to invest in their company’s 401k plan, covering the bond market or ranking Vanguard’s target-date funds, we’ll file it here.

3 Grocery Stocks With Reliable Dividends

Grocery stocks may not seem exciting, but many of them offer reliable dividends and safety from economic downturns.

3 Electric Utility Stocks With Safe Dividends Even in Severe Recessions

Utility stocks offer safety during periods of economic downturn. Let's take a look at three electric utility stocks paying dividends.

3 Dividend Stocks With Wide Economic Moats

These dividend stocks sport compelling yields and wide economic moats. Here are the three you should have your eyes on.

3 Renewable Energy Stocks Paying Dividends

These renewable energy stocks offer more than just a pass at the ESG investing trend. They also offer strong dividends for income investors.

4 No-Brainer Dividend Stocks for the End of 2022

These dividend stocks are undervalued and high-yielding, making them no-brainer stocks to buy as the year winds down.

3 High-Yield Sin Stocks to Buy

Investors may want to turn toward these sin stocks as they offer high dividend yields and resistance against recessions.

3 Small-Cap Dividend Stocks With Strong Yields

These three dividend stocks aren't the biggest names in their industries, but they are still worth income investors' attention.

3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold for Years

These dividend stocks sport high yields above 6% that are also secure, even in the face of economic insecurities.

3 Technology Stocks With 3%+ Yields to Buy Today

Technology stocks have taken a beating this year. But these three picks offer dividend yields over 3%, making them safer bets.

3 Financial Stocks With Safe Yields Over 3%

These financial stocks are insulated from the impacts of high interest rates and also provide impressive dividend yields.

4 Dividend Stocks Yielding 4%+

Dividend stocks provide an excellent source of passive income. Check out these four stocks with yields of more than 4%.

3 REITs to Buy to Earn High Dividends

REITs have to distribute at least 90% of their taxable income to shareholders via dividends, so these stocks can be a good source of income.

3 Dividend Stocks to Buy to Defend Your Income Portfolio

These defense stocks also happen to be dividend stocks. Therefore, they provide safety to investors in more ways than one.

3 Low-Volatility Dividend Stocks for Turbulent Markets

There's no doubt the market has been turbulent recently. Here are three low-volatility dividend stocks to ride out the turmoil.

5 Little-Known Dividend Kings

Many dividend kings are big, popular names. These five are lesser-known stocks, but that doesn't mean they're not worth the buy.

3 Undervalued Dividend Champions With High Return Potential

These dividend stocks have potential to generate high returns for income investors. Let's take a closer look at three dividend champions.

3 High-Yield Stocks That Have Increased Dividends for 50 Years

These high-yield stocks have increased their dividends for 50 years or more. Let's take a look at the best picks among the Dividend Kings.

3 Tobacco Stocks for Recession-Proof Dividends

Tobacco stocks are favorable stocks to buy for income investors due to their often high dividend yields. Let's look at three of the best.

3 Dividend Aristocrats With Yields Over 4%

When looking for stocks that pay dividends, why not start with these Dividend Aristocrats that yield more than 4%?