Best Retirement Investing Strategies

Our financial professionals provide investors who are concerned with their retirement the savviest, most actionable advice to live their best financial life. Whether it’s teaching young investors how to invest in their company’s 401k plan, covering the bond market or ranking Vanguard’s target-date funds, we’ll file it here.

3 Undervalued Dividend Stocks for Long-Term Returns

The S&P 500 recently fell into a bear market, defined as a 20% year-to-date drop, which has ramifications for dividend stocks. The good news for investors is that the stock market decline has created buying opportunities for long-term investors. Valuations have come down, while dividend yields are relatively higher as share prices continue to fall.

7 Growth Stocks to Buy for a Rich Retirement

A market sell-off in 2022 is another opportunity to load up on high-quality assets. Here are growth stocks to buy for a richer retirement.

7 Retirement Stocks to Buy After Age 30

Inflation, interest rate hikes, recessions. There's a lot to worry about right now. But these seven retirement stocks can overcome these obstacles.

3 Mega-Cap Stocks for Recession-Proof Dividends

Since they are larger and generally more stable businesses, mega-cap stocks could outperform small-caps or mid-caps in a bear market. As a result, investors looking for quality stocks with reliable dividends in a recession should consider the following 3 mega-cap stocks.

3 Blue-Chip Stocks With Reliable Dividends During Recessions

Finding high-quality dividend stocks is always the best strategy for building wealth long-term, in our view, but that’s especially true during tough economic times, such as recessions. We like the blue chips as a place to start screening for high-quality names, and we’ve highlighted three we like very much.

3 Top Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy for Safety

Investors needing income on a more regular basis should consider owning securities that pay dividends monthly. With less than 50 names that do so, the pickings can be slim. However, we believe there are high-quality companies that have competitive advantageous that should allow for continued dividend growth. Realty Income, SL Green Realty and STAG Industrial are three such examples of REITs that we believe will continue to pay monthly dividends given the strength of their respective business model.

7 Undervalued Retirement Stocks to Buy Now

Each of these undervalued retirement stocks offers an above-average yield along with significant upside potential.

7 High-Quality Dividend Stocks With High Yields

These are the best dividend stocks with high yields to invest in now. BIP, EPR, FL, KMI, KHC, VTRS, and WBA can make great investments.

7 Safe Retirement Stocks to Buy So You Can Sleep at Night

Recent market volatility has exposed risks at many former high-fliers. But these safe retirement stocks are resistant to the current troubles.

8 REIT ETFs to Buy Now

REITs can play critical roles in a long-term focused investment portfolio. We discuss some of the best REIT ETFs to buy now depending on your chosen portfolio strategy.

3 Beer Stocks That Provide Shareholders With Recession-Proof Dividends

For investors looking for growth and income from the beer industry, any of these names could be a solid addition to their portfolio.

3 Best Retirement Stocks to Buy for Long-Term Wealth

These retirement stocks provide shareholders with reliable returns in good times and bad, enabling investors to sleep soundly at night.

3 Undervalued Dividend Growth Stocks

Investors who focus on a strategy of dividend growth stocks have performed better than some broader stock market indices.

7 High-Yield Retirement Stocks to Buy for Your Nest Egg

These 7 high-yield retirement stocks to buy are among a list of companies that are dividend aristocrats and offer great dividends.

3 Undervalued Dividend Stocks in Retail

Inflation worries and fears about a potential recession have caused many retail stocks to pull back in recent months, which has resulted in buying opportunities in some of these retail stocks.

7 Retirement Stocks to Buy to Turbocharge Your Savings

The best offense is a good defense. Here are seven retirement stocks to buy that combine modest growth with safe dividends.

The 7 Best Retirement Stocks to Buy Right Now

Don't expect to find a lot of sexy growth stocks now. Look to solid income and solid growth you can invest in like these retirement stocks.

7 Retirement Stocks to Buy for Any Market Conditions

Although the recent market choppiness has many folks worried, you can still depend on these relevant retirement stocks to buy.

3 Dividend Kings Trading for Bargain Prices

This suggests that ABM Industries, Becton, Dickinson & Company, and Dover could be good options for investors looking for high levels of total returns and secure income.