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Chromebook Review: Acer C720P Adds Touch to the Mix

New Acer model proves cheap Chromebooks can be pretty good

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Acer C720P Chromebook Review: A Standout Among Inexpensive Chromebooks

Chromebooks’ cheap price point is a large part of their appeal. Chrome OS has very modest hardware requirements and Chromebooks rely heavily on Google’s cloud apps, which means manufacturers can use inexpensive mobile CPUs, skip on storage and RAM and eliminate extras like ethernet ports.

Source: Acer

The problem is that cheap Chromebooks sometimes cut too many corners. Manufacturers will try to dress them up to look more expensive — the Samsung (SSNLF) Chromebook Series 3 I reviewed last year was a dead ringer (visually) for a MacBook Air — but performance can fall short.

The Acer C720P Chromebook review unit I received was clad in white plastic (also available in gray). It looked good despite several months of use — it still has a sticker on the bottom identifying it as a CES 2014 display model, so it has certainly been handled a lot.

The display is HD (720p) and bright, not a bargain basement unit. The CPU is not a repurposed mobile unit, but an Intel (INTC) Celeron and Acer is selling these with 32GB SSDs instead of the usual 16GB, meaning much more storage available for working offline. Thanks to that Haswell technology CPU and a more capable battery than many cheaper Chromebooks, the Acer C720P can run 7.5 hours on a charge. And yes, my hands-on experience fit right in that range.

In its Acer C720P Chromebook review, PCMag says the new Acer model “dominates among Chromebooks” and I have to agree.

This is a pretty decent piece of hardware for the price.

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