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10 Internet Scams to Watch Out For

The dark side of the web can cost you money ... or worse

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Internet Scams to Watch Out For: Congratulations, You’ve Won!

Internet scams include fake lotteries that need your credit card number
Source: Federal Trade Commission

Who wouldn’t be excited to receive an email telling them they’d won an all-expenses-paid vacation, a new flat-screen TV or an iPad? Or maybe you really got lucky and won the “National Lottery.”

The catch? You’ll be asked to visit a website to claim your prize, and you’ll need to give your credit card number to cover a small fee. No big deal to pay $8.50 in shipping costs to get a $650 iPhone for free, or a $100 processing fee on a $10,000,000 lottery win, right?

Uh … wrong. There is no prize. Especially if you haven’t even entered a contest.

And besides, no real lottery is going to contact winners by email.

Instead of a shipping fee, processing fee or lottery tax, your credit card will quickly be maxed out by the guys running these Internet scams. According to Consumer Reports, fake sweepstakes winner schemes are the sixth-most frequently reported form of fraud.

What to do: Much like the rest of these, don’t click — especially if you don’t remember signing up for any such sweepstakes or drawing in the first place.

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