Pepsi Spire: PEP Unveils New Self-Serve Beverage Dispenser

Coca-Cola launched its own unit four years ago


At an restaurant industry trade show over the weekend, PepsiCo (PEP) will take the wraps off its latest weapon against arch-rival Coca-Cola (KO): a self-serve beverage dispenser called Spire.

pepsi spire
Source: PepsiCo

The Pepsi Spire is intended for placement in movie theaters, fast-food outlets and other dining facilities. It is meant to counter Coca-Cola’s own beverage dispenser — the Freestyle — which debuted four years ago. Featuring a more stylish design compared to Coca-Cola’s Freestyle, the Pepsi Spire sports touchscreens and takes up less space, the New York Times notes.

Coca-Cola has placed about 20,000 Freestyle dispensers at locations across the country and has even launched a Freestyle app to help fans find the machines.

Available in three sizes, the Pepsi Spire uses hoses that draw various syrups from plastic-bag-lined boxes. The largest Pepsi Spire dispenser can produce more than 1,000 different drink combinations.

PEP stock rose modestly in Friday trading. On Thursday, PepsiCo stock closed at $85.74 per share.

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