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5 Best Vanguard Funds to Buy for Target Date 2030 Retirement

You're going to need some added oomph if you've got roughly 15-20 years before retirement

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5 Best Vanguard Funds to Buy for Target Date 2030
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Retirement Investing in Vanguard Funds for Target Date 2030

You’re planning to retire in 16 years at the age of 66. You’ve determined that the best Vanguard funds to buy for target date 2030 will need to be a little more aggressive because your annual salary of, say, $55,000 has allowed you to save just $200,000 toward your retirement.

Vanguard mutual funds 401(k)If you put aside 10% of your income each year, you’ll likely hit 66 with approximately $689,000 to live on (according to this methodology). That doesn’t sound bad, but it’s well short of CNN Money’s recommended amount of $898,000.

Something’s got to give.

Either you will have to save more — for example, putting aside 15% of your income will get you to $780,000 based on a 6% return on your investments — or your investments will have to grow in excess of 6% per year. Given the bull run we’ve been on the past five years, this isn’t going to be easy. However, a combination of the two — 15% saved and an 8% annual return — should help get you most of the way to your target.

With this in mind, here are the best Vanguard funds for target date 2030:

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