7 High-Dividend Stocks With Low Risk

Don't chase sky-high but unsustainable yields - get your dividends (and peace of mind) via these trustworthy blue chips

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High-dividend stocks come in all shapes and sizes, but any investor who is serious about income also knows that big dividends aren’t the only thing that matters.

Dividend185 7 High Dividend Stocks With Low RiskFor instance, there are plenty of high-dividend stocks that yield 5% or even 10% … but see their share prices drop like a rock, so investors don’t ever get ahead.

Take RadioShack (RSH), a high-dividend stock that paid 50 cents in dividends in 2011 — good for a roughly 5% yield. Since then, shares have slumped from $10 to under $1, and the dividend has been axed.

So much for that investment.

Rather than chase investments that have tremendous but unsustainable yields, income investors should find the best high-dividend stocks that balance the inherent risk of equities along with a decent reward in the form of regular and sustainable dividends.

To help you zero in on stocks that are a great balance of income potential but also low-risk, rock-solid plays for the long term that you can believe in, here’s a list of seven high-dividend stocks:

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